Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sketchbook Assignment 6: PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN - 7 DRAWINGS 1 OF EACH PRINCIPLE -DUE: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1st, 2016 (beginning of class)

Seven Principles of Art Organization

In visual art, there are basic principles that artists employ to aid in the creation of unique and dynamic imagery. These principles are often used in varying combinations to achieve differing results. In time, these principles become second nature and are employed in a nearly unconscious manner. They are:

Harmony: The pleasing quality achieved by different elements of a composition interacting to form a whole. Often accomplished through repetition of same/similar forms.

Variety: Differences achieved by opposing, contrasting, changing, elaborating or diversifying elements in a composition to add individualized interest. (*in contrast to harmony)

Balance: Sense of equilibrium achieved through implied weight, attention or attraction by manipulating visual elements within the composition.

Proportion: Comparative scale relationship between differing elements within a composition. For example: the size a hand in relation to a head.

Dominance: When certain elements are more important than others in a composition.

Movement: The directing of eye movement in a composition using varying elements.

Economy: Adjustment of the composition to the basic essentials for clarity of presentation, most often associated with abstraction.

Materials: sketchbook, graphite pencils or charcoal pencils

Purpose of project: This project is designed to familiarize you with the basic principles of visual organization. You should be able to describe these terms in comparison to one another and be able to locate them in different visual compositions. Throughout the rest of the semester we will be continually referring to these principles in critiques and one on one discussion of your work

In your sketchbook, create at least seven sketches that visually illustrate each of the seven principles of art organization. You may observe and draw from other “found” images you have located in your process of researching images that illustrate the seven principles of design.  ALSO YOU CAN GO TO THE BLOG AND REFERENCE THE IMAGES POSTED.

Each sketch can vary in size and dimension however, make sure the composition is at least 3” by 3”, MAKE A BOARDER DEFINING EACH DRAWINGS ORIENTATION.

Once completed, please print name, project title, and specify which principle of design you have drawn. For example: John Doe, Seven Principles of Design,  Balance.

DUE: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1st, 2016 (beginning of class)

Please review the Power Point lecture (Principles of Design).

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