Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sketchbook Assignment 5: VALUE Due: Tuesday September, 27th at the beginning of class

Sketchbook Assignment 5:  Value (Local Value, Step and Gradient Transitions).

This Sketchbook assignment was introduced in class on Thursday, September 22nd, 2016.

Part 1: Using your graphite pencils record the pencils local value by crosshatching a controlled rectangular shape on a sheet of paper in your sketchbook.  Assign a value for each pencil to complete Part 1.  USE THE EXAMPLE BELOW AS YOUR GUIDE.


Part 2: Create 2 drawings:
1) STEP transition rectangles
Step Transition -a recognizable and orderly step between values

2) GRADIENT transition rectangles   
Gradient Transition - a seamless transition between values

For this exercise create a 7 step transition rectangle AND a gradient transition rectangle directly underneath using a range of 6B (darkest) through HB (lightest) pencils.

First, mark out seven, 1 inch-wide boxes and fill in the first box with your darkest value. **SEE EXAMPLE DIRECTLY BELOW** 

Second, fill in the 2nd box with your second darkest value. **SEE EXAMPLE DIRECTLY BELOW** 

Third, fill in the 3rd box with your third darkest value. **SEE EXAMPLE DIRECTLY BELOW** 

 Fourth, fill in the 4th box with middle gray value. **SEE EXAMPLE DIRECTLY BELOW** 

Next, Lightest Value

Next, Lightest Value

In the end, your drawings should look close to THE EXAMPLES DIRECTLY BELOW** 

Note the Gradient Transition Directly Below the Step Transition Drawing 

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